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Today’s Challenges

The code has created a new platform to escalate audiences’ guidance to a whole new level. Broadcasters would like to direct their audience to a particular webpage with the hope that they could easily make a call-to-action at the landing page. For example, a webpage for ordering merchandise, for promoting products with a coupon, for voting or polling or opinions, or simply to gather more information on the broadcasting program.

This effort is not without difficulties. First, the URL of a webpage is usually quite long and it is typically not easy for an audience to remember a URL especially if it is spoken orally (TV or radio), or even on a DOOH. Secondly, it is prone to errors when typing in a URL particularly if that URL includes misspelled words or meandering character strings. And finally, there are many potential homepage distractions on the way to intended landing page.

The code Value Proposition

To vastly improve the interaction between a broadcast program and the audience via webpages, a solution is required to conveniently link the broadcasting program to the webpage which is designated by the broadcaster in real time.

The code provides the platform, tools and methodology that enables the audience of a TV or radio program to quickly land on a designated webpage intended by the broadcaster. A viewer or listener will be able to connect to the webpage by typing in a short and easy to remember code which is provided by the broadcaster orally, displayed on the TV or as a DOOH display. There is no longer the need to type in a long and cumbersome web address and the webpage can also allow the audience to interact with the program that is being broadcasted.

The code: "Right at the moment, Right at the page". Right at the moment the audience gets the message, the code sends the audience right at the particular webpage. Furthermore, the code also provides dashboard and analytics information to customer that can be used to improve marketing campaign performance.

Call to Action

The code is currently offering a FREE TRIAL of the code service. Broadcasters, Media Agents or advertisers who register as a customer will be able to use the service for free during the trial period. Please sign up now and get a complimentary 2 month trial or contact us for more information.

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