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What is USECODE?

Cloud based software application that makes it possible for you to direct your audience right to a particular web page that you want them to go to regardless of whether they’re getting your message on OOH or other broadcasting medium.

What can you do with USECODE?

No matter what kind of business you have, you’re in the business of engaging your customers. That engagement is the reason for showing your message: is the catalyst that expedites this process and turns your audience into your customers.

Easily and quickly direct your audience right to any particular landing-page

Keep your audience from getting lost or distracted on the Internet while you’re motivating their behavior with your call to action. sends them directly to your landing page, so they don’t trip on any obstacles along the way.’s dashboard, metrics for big data and vast analytics provide the information to help you to improve the targeting accuracy of advertising campaigns and determine your ROI for media buys. Increase e-commerce and m-commerce sales by sending customers to the correct shopping cart and check-out page.

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